Operations and Maintenance

Does your solar system need a little TLC? Proper monitoring, annual inspections, and maintenance will keep it generating as much power as possible. We believe in getting the most energy out of each ray of sunlight. We want your system to do the same!

Peace of mind

Don’t worry about performance. You can rest easy knowing that we are keeping a watchful eye on your energy production. Monitoring and maintenance services are available on contract from Vigor Clean Tech. Service packages are designed to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, and to maintain peak system performance. We want to maximize energy generation, optimize financial return, and protect your investment.

Panel Level Monitoring

All service packages include panel-by-panel monitoring to ensure that all elements of the system are performing at optimum levels. Sophisticated internet-based monitoring software allows Vigor Clean Tech to quickly identify issues and take prompt action to resolve them. Our system monitoring includes the following:

The operations and maintenance team at Vigor Clean Tech monitors our solar systems daily, and uses alarms to alert us of any issues.

Inverters for solar power system


Sign up for monthly and annual reports from Vigor Clean Tech, and receive system updates straight to your inbox. Reports display production data from the past month, the past three months, and comparisons to previous periods.

Maximizing your generation

Solar arrays are simple, with no moving parts to break down. However, a little annual maintenance goes a long way to ensuring a successful system.

On-site maintenance can help identify issues that may affect performance in the future, and can help avoid repairs and downtime. Our annual maintenance includes:

“Vigor Clean Tech services, monitors, and maintains systems that were originally installed by other firms, as they provide a better level of service. In most cases they are aware of issues regarding our systems before we are.”

 Mark Bolzon, CPPB, CMMIII
Manager, Purchasing and Risk Management Services,
County of Wellington

Set up your Operations and Maintenance contract

Vigor Clean Tech offers a number of annual maintenance plans to give you peace of mind and maintain peak system performance. Contact us for full Operations and Maintenance package details, questions about warranties, and to set up your service contract.

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