Vigor Clean Tech is now VCT Group

Same Trusted Organization. Fresh New Look.

After 10 years in the renewable energy industry, we are renaming our company, and have a vibrant new logo to match our new identity.

Our Name

When Vigor Clean Tech was founded in 2008 the FIT program had yet to be introduced, installing solar panels cost $7/W, and Ontario still had 17 smog days each year.

10 years down the road, the landscape has changed. The FIT and microFIT programs have successfully helped develop a renewable energy industry in Ontario. Solar power can be installed to lock in electricity costs at $0.11/kWh. Thanks in part to renewables, Ontario’s grid is now 95% non-GHG emitting.

Businesses that succeeded beyond the initial boom of FIT installations were those that adapted. We have expanded our capabilities to include installation of electric vehicle chargers, helping companies find energy efficiencies, installing net metering solar arrays, and energy management through systems such as microgrids.

Since being granted our first project, the complexity of our business has also grown. Today, we not only manage Community Energy Development Co-operative, but also a number of operating companies, limited partnerships and joint ventures.

To reflect broader expertise and the group of projects we now take on, we are changing our name to VCT Group.

Rest assured, the same great team from Vigor Clean Tech stands behind VCT Group. We are still here to help you save money and manage your electricity through renewable energy.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I’m always happy to chat.

The New VCT Group Logo

To represent our new name and expanded business we needed a new logo. The new VCT logo has a lot of thought and story behind it.

Our Colours

Yellow, green, and blue continue to be important to us. They are elemental colours that represent the renewable energies of solar, wind, and water. Our previous colours were dark and stoic. The new palette is vibrant and better reflects the energy we work with, and the passion of our team.

Our Circle

Our circle represents our planet, our sun, and the electrons that the power of the sun sets in motion.

The shapes and lines evoke movement. You can see the paths of electrons around the atom, the movement of light, and the way we reflect on our experiences but move forward, seeing things from new vantage points.

Look closely and you will see that the outer colours are darker than those inside the triangle created by the white lines. This effect reflects layers of light, and the lens through which we offer clarity and insight.

The circle may seem complex, but on closer inspection you see simple elements overlaid on each other. In the same way, VCT Group is a well-rounded, multifaceted organization.

Our Font

Dependable, trustworthy, and bold. Our font is not ostentatious, it is straightforward, sturdy, and gets the job done reliably. Likewise, we believe in giving clients the honest truth, educating them about their options, and presenting the facts in a clear, concise manner.