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Smart businesses are locking down their energy costs.

If you’re concerned about the impact of rising electricity costs on your business, a Net Metering Solar System can protect you. Make an investment now, generate your energy through solar power, and take control of your electricity costs.

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“Kindred Credit Union trusted VCT Group to install and service our 7.1 kW roof solar system at our Waterloo Branch. In just over 5 years we have generated over 40 MWh of clean energy and offset our carbon emissions by 28 tonnes (equivalent to planting 726 trees). We’re happy to recommend them.”

Ben Janzen,
Values Integration Director
Kindred Credit Union

Piggy Bank

Save more as rates go up

Your new cost per kWh of electricity? Divide the energy you will use by the total cost of the system. It makes sense now, and only gets better as energy prices increase.

As electricity rates rise, your generation becomes more valuable. While neighbours complain about rising rates, you will be smiling!

Save More On Energy

“VCT Group has been an exceptional service provider since day one. Their team is professional, reliable and very responsive. Every time we have requested their assistance they have gone above and beyond expectations to ensure we are happy. I look forward to working with VCT Group for years to come.”

Dylan Reimer,
Staff Accountant,
Pelee Island Winery

Save With Solar

Are you ready to take advantage of solar power, but unsure how best to set up your home or business? VCT Group has experience designing and installing Net Metering, Feed-In Tariff, and Off Grid systems of all shapes and sizes. Once your system is set up, our Operations and Maintenance team ensures it generates as much power as possible.

Net Metering

Net Metering

Use the grid as your backup battery while locking down your electricity cost. Invest in a solar system now and take control of your energy costs while prices continue to rise.

Off Grid

Off Grid

Independent electricity ends your reliance on the grid at your cottage or camp. Off grid solar systems make you a self-sufficient generator of green energy.

Feed-In Tariff

Feed-In Tariff

Become an energy generator and sell renewable electricity to the grid. With a 20-year contract from the IESO, your system will provide predictable monthly income.

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

We believe in getting the maximum amount of energy out of each ray of sunlight, and the best financial return from your system.