Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is growing – every day you notice more EVs on the road, in your neighbour’s driveway, and outside businesses. You may even be getting requests for EV charging from your customers, tenants, or employees. How can you benefit from the rising tide of EV drivers?

The EV Market

With over 9,000 EVs on the road in Ontario, and target to increase this number to 5% of passenger vehicle sales by 2020, the predicted growth is exponential. This presents an opportunity for organizations to support the transition to electrification. Your business can install charging stations and reap the rewards of becoming a destination for EV drivers.

EV Drivers

Who drives an electric vehicle? EV drivers have higher levels of household income, higher levels of education, and are often environmentally conscious.

15% of EV drivers don’t have a place at home to charge. This makes charging stations a key differentiator for their next dwelling, place of work, or businesses they choose to frequent. EV charging has the potential to attract.

EV Chargers for Business

Working with VCT Group

More than just an installer, VCT Group understands the big picture when it comes to business energy needs. With 10 years of experience in the energy industry, VCT Group delivers solutions for generation, conservation, and electrification.

Install Your EV Charger

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