When VCT Group joins a project we bring 10 years of solar power expertise and insight to design a functional, financially viable system that is also beautiful. Our creativity and experience can help inform how a project comes together and looks its best, but more importantly, delivers as much electricity as possible from each ray of sunshine.

In 2018 we were part of the team that built evolv1, a revolutionary and replicable way to build sustainable office space, and Canada’s first Zero Carbon Design Certified building. As a partner through the development process we helped the developer, The Cora Group, design a photovoltaic system that achieved their energy needs, and met their vision for what the office of the future can look like. Now that the building is operational, our solar array is generating electricity and thanks to the integrated monitoring capabilities The Cora Group can show that they will produce more energy than the building will consume.

You can see the installation come to life and learn more about the evolv1 vision in the video below.

If you want your building to embody the clean economy and produce more energy than it consumes, contact us.