Net Metering

Lock in your electricity rate.

Go green with Solar Net Metering

Reduce your hydro bill

If you’re concerned about the impact of rising electricity costs on your business, a Net Metering Solar System can protect you. Make an investment by generating your own electricity through solar power, and take control of your electricity costs. With the potential for a 8.4% ROI, it makes sense for this business, and can save you money too.

Net Metering is simple:

  1. Stay connected to the energy grid, using power as normal.
  2. Install solar panels on your building that will produce energy equal to the amount of electricity you use.
  3. The energy you produce is subtracted from the energy you consume, reducing your monthly bill.
  4. If you produce more power than you consume in a month, the extra power is fed into the grid. You receive a credit to use against future bills.
  5. Pay the hydro delivery charge, while your generation offsets your usage fees.
  6. Watch and grin as hydro rates go up – you’re saving more money!

Kindred Credit Union trusted VCT Group to install and service our 7.1 kW roof solar system at our Waterloo Branch. In just over 5 years we have generated over 40 MWh of clean energy and offset our carbon emissions by 28 tonnes (equivalent to planting 726 trees). We’re happy to recommend Vigor.

Ben Janzen
Values Integration Director
Kindred Credit Union

As rates go up, you save more
Net Metering Payback Graph

Electricity costs are predicted to keep rising by 4% each year. Install a Net Metering system now, and lock in your electricity costs.

Your new cost per kWh of electricity will be your system price, divided by the energy you will generate over the life of your system. It’s a great deal now, and only gets better as prices increase. Learn how a business in Waterloo can save money and pay back their system within 10 years.

As electricity rates rise, your generation becomes more valuable. When neighbours complain about rising rates, you will be smiling.

Each system is different, contact us for your lower, electricity rate.

The green advantage

Your business supports our planet

Show your customers, suppliers, and partners that you’re smart about energy, and doing your part to combat climate change. By generating clean, green energy with Solar Net Metering you’re making a positive impact on our environment, preserving our planet for future generations.

Each year, a 30 kW solar system produces enough electricity to offset 7.7 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere - equivalent to planting 1.8 acres of forest, or taking 1.4 cars off the road.


Setting up your Net Metering Solar System

If you’re concerned about the rising cost of electricity, and ready to protect yourself against rising prices, it’s time to go green and install a Net Metering Solar System.

VCT Group will handle the process from start to finish:

  1. We review 12 months of your hydro bills to determine consumption so we can size the system appropriately. Too small a system leaves money on the table, too large a system is a waste.
  2. Our engineers analyze your roof and electrical service.
  3. We design a system perfectly matched to your unique building and energy use.
  4. Expert solar installers install your solar system and connect you to the energy grid.
  5. You start generating electricity and save on your electricity costs!

Total timeline: approximately 6 months

Set up your Net Metering Solar System

VCT Group is here to help businesses generate their own electricity and reap the rewards. We can install a solar array that locks in your electricity rate while your neighbours’ rates continue to rise. Contact us to set up a free site visit and discuss how Net Metering can work for you.

Please tell us about your business in the comments section. What is your address? How much energy do you use in a year, and will future plans cause an increase or decrease? What is the area of the roof, and is it clear, or does it have stacks, machinery, or other obstructions?  The more you can tell us about your building and energy use, the easier it is for us to prepare a proposal. 

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Service and Warranty

Once your Net Metering system is installed, VCT Group follows up with the best operations and maintenance support in the industry. We keep your system in optimal condition, generating as much power as possible from each ray of sunlight, and maximizing the financial return on your investment.

Solving Installation Problems From Other Installers

We have met many clients who were left high and dry by other solar installers who failed to properly finish the job. Although not as complicated as the FIT program, Net Metering does come with its own requirements and regulatory hurdles that some installers just don’t understand. Since day one, we have focused on adapting to the changing solar landscape, and providing exceptional service. We can solve your installation problems and get your system generating energy and returns as it should.

If you have a system that isn’t set up and performing as it should, contact us and we can make it right.

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