Off Grid Solar Power System

A self-sufficient system

For cottages or camps that can’t connect to the energy grid, off grid solar systems provide power independence.

Components in an Off Grid System

All off grid solar systems involve the same basic components:

You will also need a backup source of power, such as a gas generator, in case a series of dark days limits your ability to generate electricity.

Silver Lake Mennonite Camp Solar Panels

The Cost of Going Off Grid

The cost of off grid systems continues to drop as components improve, and electricity rates rise. Each site is unique, so an assessment of your location and hydro bills must be made. This will determine your installation decisions.

An often-neglected cost is the fuel and environmental impact of running a generator should your system not fulfill your needs. Transitioning to clean solar energy is wonderful, but misses the mark if you end up burning gasoline when a poorly designed system underperforms.

Can you connect to the grid? Use Solar Net Metering

For those who can connect to the grid, there is no need to invest in a battery system and backup power to use clean energy. The Ontario electricity grid can be your backup! A Net Metering solar system, sized to your needs, can provide clean energy for consumption, while the grid provides backup for cloudy days or evenings. We recommend Net Metering systems for most applications. They remove the need for a storage system, and provide the security of the grid when your system doesn’t produce as planned.

Service and Warranty

Do you have an off-grid system at your home, cottage, or camp? VCT Group offers operations and maintenance packages to keep your system in optimal condition, generating as much power as possible from each ray of sunlight.

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